Best Game of 2005: Part 3 (#4-6)
by NM Arun Sharma
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***Forward by League Commish IM Greg Shahade***

This is the third part of a series of articles highlighting the best games of 2005. We have taken all of the games of the week from the 2005 season. NM Arun Sharma then went through all 12 of them and has ranked them from 1st to 12th. Criteria used for ranking in order of importance were:

1. Level of Play
2. Excitement Factor (Were there lots of exciting sacrifices and etc)
3. Relevance towards Standings
4. Intrigue (big upset etc)

 With this article we will look at the 4th thru 6th best game of the year, and we will expand the article each week, until we reach the number 1 game of 2005. Next installment will be the final one. Below are the candidates that are still in the running for best game of 2005, followed by those that have already been eliminated:

2005 Games of the Week:

Week 3: IM-elect Lev Milman (CAR) vs GM Larry Christiansen (BOS) 0-1   
Week 4: GM Larry Christiansen (BOS) vs IM Pascal Charbonneau (BAL)  0-1 
Week 7: IM Pascal Charbonneau (BAL) vs FM Norman Rogers (PHI)  0-1 
Week 8: FM David Pruess (SF) vs NM Elvin Wilson (PHI)   1-0
Week 9: NM Jon Rouleau (BAL) vs FM Lewis Eisen (NY)  1-0
SemiFinals: FM David Pruess (SF) vs IM Blas Lugo (MIA)  1-0

7th Place:  Week 2: IM John Donaldson (SF) vs GM Alejandro Ramirez (DAL)  1/2-1/2 
8th Place:
  Week 5: FM Matthew Hoekstra (CAR) vs WGM-elect Jenn Shahade (NY)  0-1 
9th place:   Week 6: IM Vince McCambridge (SF) vs IM Pascal Charbonneau  0-1 
10th place: Week 1: IM Eugene Perelshteyn (BOS) vs GM Alex Stripunsky (NY)  1-0
11th place: League Finals: IM Larry Kaufman (BAL) vs IM Blas Lugo (MIA)  1-0
12th place: Week 10: IM Dmitry Shneider (DAL) vs IM-elect Lev Milman (CAR)  1-0

*** Onto the rankings by NM Sharma***

6th Place:   FM David Pruess (SF) vs NM Elvin Wilson (PHI)   1-0

Another very strong performance by FM Pruess who simply carried an
opening advantage through to the endgame and despite the lack of queens on the
board unleashed a devastating mating attack on the opposing King. In
addition to being a very well played game, a very important win for San
Fransisco as Wilson was 6-0 in the league up to that point having taken
down many higher rated opponents (mostly with the black pieces no
less!) and this game was the difference between this match being a win and a
draw for San Fransisco, a major reason why they emerged as division champs
instead of in second.

5th Place: NM Jon Rouleau (BAL) vs FM Lewis Eisen (NY)  1-0

A huge win for Rouleau and the Baltimore team who after a four match
winning streak had been stunned the previous two weeks by Philadelphia
and Carolina and were suddenly in danger of missing the playoffs. Yet
aided by this wild game Baltimore took down the league leaders and clinched a
spot rather than having it all ride on the next week's match with
Boston. In the game itself, White sacrificed a piece for a raging attack, and
it seemed very unclear if Black would have adequate defenses. For awhile
it seemed like that Black might well defend as Eisen developed some solid
counterplay vs. the opposing King, but then time trouble set in, and
Eisen was unable to adequately defend his own as White crashed through for
the win.

4th Place: IM Pascal Charbonneau (BAL) vs FM Norman Rogers (PHI)  0-1  

Surely the biggest shocker of the entire season. Charbonneau had
recently gone on a great run having defeated two GMs and an IM in
his previous three games while Rogers had yet to score at that point in
the season. With a solid opening Rogers unleashed a raging attack
against the White King while White's action on the other side was way behind.
Rogers finished off his nice attack with the cute tactic 23... Rh3+! to which
there was no answer. Not only a huge upset for this particular game,
but for the entire match as Baltimore had won four matches straight while
Philly had not won one since the first week, and this game was surely a
big reason as Philly took the match by the narrowest of margins 2.5 -
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