Best Games of 2005 (#10-12)
by NM Arun Sharma  
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***Forward by League Commish IM Greg Shahade***

This article is part of a series of articles highlighting the best games of 2005. We have taken all of the games of the week from the 2005 season. NM Arun Sharma then went through all 12 of them and has ranked them from 1st to 12th. Criteria used for ranking in order of importance were:

1. Level of Play
2. Excitement Factor (Were there lots of exciting sacrifices and etc)
3. Relevance towards Standings
4. Intrigue (big upset etc)

 With this article we will look at the 10th thru 12th best game of the year, and we will expand the article each week, until we reach the number 1 game of 2005. Below are the candidates for best game of 2005:

2005 Games of the Week:

Week 1: IM Eugene Perelshteyn (BOS) vs GM Alex Stripunsky (NY)  1-0
Week 2: IM John Donaldson (SF) vs GM Alejandro Ramirez (DAL)  1/2-1/2 
Week 3: IM-elect Lev Milman (CAR) vs GM Larry Christiansen (BOS) 0-1   
Week 4: GM Larry Christiansen (BOS) vs IM Pascal Charbonneau (BAL)  0-1 
Week 5: FM Matthew Hoekstra (CAR) vs WGM-elect Jenn Shahade (NY)  0-1 
Week 6: IM Vince McCambridge (SF) vs IM Pascal Charbonneau  0-1 
Week 7: IM Pascal Charbonneau (BAL) vs FM Norman Rogers (PHI)  0-1 
Week 8: FM David Pruess (SF) vs NM Elvin Wilson (PHI)   1-0
Week 9: NM Jon Rouleau (BAL) vs FM Lewis Eisen (NY)  1-0
Week 10: IM Dmitry Shneider (DAL) vs IM-elect Lev Milman (CAR)  1-0
SemiFinals: FM David Pruess (SF) vs IM Blas Lugo (MIA)  1-0
Finals: IM Larry Kaufman (BAL) vs IM Blas Lugo (MIA)  1-0

*** Onto the rankings by NM Sharma***

12th place.  IM Dmitry Shneider (DAL) vs IM-elect Lev Milman (CAR)  1-0

A dominating game by Shneider who used a strong queenside initiative to
create a passed pawn which he was able to translate into a victory in
the endgame.  Once again, I place this game lower than most of the others
due to its largely one-sidedness along with the fact that it took place
during the last week between teams already out of contention.

11th place. IM Larry Kaufman (BAL) vs IM Blas Lugo (MIA)  1-0

A very good showing from Kaufman who gained an immediate advantage in
the opening and was in a winning situation very quickly.  Despite this
being from the Championship, I must not rate this game too highly as this game was
fairly one sided. White seems completely winning after 16. Qc4!

10th place. IM Eugene Perelshteyn (BOS) vs GM Alex Stripunsky (NY)  1-0

A solid performance  from Perelshteyn, but there weren't enough
fireworks for the spectators to rank this game too highly.  In a fairly normalish
looking Sicilian position, Perelshteyn found the nice blow 19. Bf4! which
demolished Black's queenside pawns and led White to a much superior endgame in
which Perelshteyn found 48. Bh5! which finished Black off nicely.  This game
also salvaged the draw for Boston without which they would have started
the season off on a rather sour note.

 Stay tuned to find out which game has been awarded the title of "Best Game of 2005"

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