Kiewra vs Pinto wins game of the Week!
by NM Arun Sharma
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(Editors Note: NM Sharma doesn't even have a chess computer to help with his analysis, so enjoy the old school annotations)

Game of the Week:

NM Keaton Kiewra (2239, Dallas) - NM Mark Pinto (2217, San Francisco)

Many of you may be surprised at this choice of Game of the Week given
the rather low ratings of the competitors compared to the others playing. I strongly
considered choosing the big Charbonneau vs Costigan upset but that would have been mostly
for the shock value and it was finished after New York had already guaranteed a win in
the match. Also a possibility was Lugo vs Foygel, but that game was also made less
interesting because all the fireworks occured when Boston was already up 3-0.

After looking at all the games, this game seemed to have far more exciting/interesting junctures
than any other including a huge reversal which ended up being the difference between
San Francisco winning and drawing the match. Click here to see the game with annotations.

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